Stripe digital goods Joomla extension makes website owners to accept payment simply and easily. The extension is powered by Stripe, another payment solution company based in US. Stripe helps individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Stripe provides a very simple user interface which makes customers to pay by credit cards very simply. Currently, Stripe supports Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and 135 currency in 25 countries. It is also able to work with Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and China’s Alipay. That’s why more and more websites start to use both PayPal and Stripe.

Stripe digital goods Joomla extension make everything easy. It doesn’t require programming skills. You can easily install Strip digital goods extension in your Joomla website. After you install Stripe digital goods, your online customers can complete their purchase with their credit cards in 2 steps. Stripe digital goods will automatically delivery the digital products which your customers purchase. As long as you have a Stripe account, you can accept credit card payment immediately.

In this manual, you will be guided to install and configure the extension in the right way. After you get everything ready, you can start to sell your digital products including PDF, mp3, video, or zip files immediately.



Stripe digital goods Joomla extension has two part: the component zip file and the plugin zip file. After you make the payment, you will get a zip file, named “”. Once you download this extension zip file, you need to extract it first. You will get two files: and After that, you can install them one by one:

  1. Log in your Joomla website administrator page
  2. Go to your extensions install page
  3. Choose and click “Upload & Install” button
  4. Make sure your component installation is successful
  5. Choose and click “Upload & Install” button in the same page
  6. Make sure your plugin installation is successful

Extension Configuration

Now you can start to configure the extension with your Stripe API keys. The following instructions will help you to get your Stripe API keys for test and live.

  1. Login your Stripe account
  2. Make sure your Stripe mode. You can switch Stripe mode between live and test by clicking the left top button
  3. Go to your Stripe account settings page
  4. Choose API Keys tab and find API Keys

In API Keys page, you can find a "Secret Key" and "Publishable Key" pair for both test mode and live mode.

After we get the secret API key and publishable API key, please follow these instructions to configure Stripe extension.

  1. Move your mouse on components menu and click “Stripe Digital Goods”
  2. Click “Option” button on the top right side
  3. Fill in your secret API key and publishable API key
  4. Click “Save & Close”

When you set your Stripe account at Test mode, please copy and paste test secret key and test publishable key. Otherwise, copy and paste live secret key and live publishable key.

Enable Stripe Digital Goods Plugin

Though we already install the plugin in the first step, we have to enable the plugin in this step. The plugin is quite important as it will help us to generate the buy button in the article.

  1. Click "Extensions" menu and choose "Plugin Manager"
  2. Search plugin by name "Stripe" and you will find the plugin if you installed it successfully just now
  3. Check if the plugin is enabled (red cross icon means it is not enabled)
  4. Enable the plugin by click on "red cross" icon
  5. Click on the plugin name and configure it (optional)

Product Manager

In this step, you will know how to add digital products in the extension. Stripe digital goods Joomla extension provides a simple product management system. With this system, you can easily add new products, edit existing products, or delete products. Following steps will show you how to add a new product in one minute.

  1. Go to Components -> Stripe Digital Goods -> Product Manager
  2. Click "New" button in top menu
  3. Fill in your product name, price and click "Choose File" to upload your digital product file
  4. Click "Save & Close" button on top menu

Sell Your Digital Product in Joomla Website

This is the last step. In this step, you will know how to add the “buy button” in your website and sell your digital downloadable products in Joomla website. To achieve this, you can insert a buy button code with your digital downloadable product id in Joomla articles. The buy button code will create a Stripe button automatically. When your visitors click on the button, a payment window will popup. Your customers can easily fill in the credit cards and make the payment in one click. After your customers finish the purchase, they will be redirected to a download page which lets your customers download their purchased digital product. Therefore, there is no delivery problem anymore. Everything is automatically running by Stripe digital goods extension. Please follow these steps to add your “buy button” in the article and start your online business now.

  1. Go to Content -> Article Manager, you can add a new article or edit an existing article
  2. Adding code {stripedgbutton itemid=52e5b56b66753} in the article, please make sure there is no format on this code (you can remove the format by Joomla edit tools in the toolbar)
  3. Click "Save & Close" to save the article
  4. Go to your article and click buy button
  5. You will see the Stripe payment window
  6. After purchase, you will see the download link. The download link is secured so that no one can share the link without your permission.

Right now, you have successfully add the Stripe buy button in your Joomla website and you can start your online business immediately. When your customers click the buy button, it will popup a Stripe payment window. Your customers can fill in the credit card and finish the purchase. After your customers purchase successfully, a download link will show and they can download what they have purchased on the page. There is no headache delivery problems any more. Let's run your business while you are sleeping.