Affiliate Links Click Tracker is a great tool to protect your affiliate links. The concept behind it is to generate a more user friendly link which looks like an inbound link. The new link will be much shorter than original affiliate link. Therefore, it will help to improve the click rate as well. When your customers click on it, they will be redirect to your affiliate program. In this demo, I will show you how affiliate links click tracker hides your affiliate links by creating a shorter and more trustful links on your Joomla website.

Hide Your Amazon Affiliate Links

Usually, an Amazon affiliate links may look like this: Big Amazon Fire Phone Discount Today. Move mouse on this link and you will find the original link to Amazon. For a decent customer, he or she may not click on it because it is too long and looks very suspicious. Now let's see what will happened when you are using Hide Affiliate Links Click Tracker to hide your original link and make a nice one for you.

Here is the new link: Big Amazon Fire Phone Discount. It looks very nice, doesn't it?