Q1: Why does my customer member ship not update?

My customer subscribed on my Joomla website, he made the payment successfully. After he comes back to my Joomla website, his membership is not updated.

Answer: Our subscription manager extension is working with PayPal IPN. After your customer made the payment via PayPal. It will take time for PayPal to send IPN. The safe way is letting your customer know his membership will updated within 24 hours.

Q2: My customer subscribe successfully, but his member ship is still free.

My customer subscribe successfully, and I can find his user name in my back end subscription list. But his membership is still free in front end.

Answer: Please let him log out and log in again.

Q3: How to assign one article permission on multiple membership?

Answer: You can control the access permission by assigning multiple membership id. For example, you have two membership products, their membership id is 1 and 2. So you can assign both of them on one membership resource by:

{paypalaccess 1,2}Messages you want to show to users who don't have access permission.{/paypalaccess}