Q1: Where to customize the "Payment Successful" Page style and text?

Answer1: To change the look of "Payment Successful" page, it requires programming skills. If you know HTML, Javascript and PHP, you can follow these steps to change the "Payment Successful" page:

  1. Go to your website host root folder, locate the file: /www/yourwebsite.com/components/com_paypaldigitalgoods/src/Controller/ConfirmController.php
  2. Edit the file and find the line: "Payment Successful"
  3. Change the HTML code as you want
  4. Save the file

Q2: How to upload digital product file which is bigger than 20MB?

When I add a new product and upload my digital product file in product manager, it always failed and gave me a message "Uploaded file size is bigger than 20M!"

Answer: For big files, we suggest you to upload them by ftp software, because it is unstable to upload very big file by HTTP upload. I am using "FileZilla" to upload videos to my server. You can follow these steps to do it:

  1. Creat a sample text file and rename it as same as the file you want to upload. For example, myvideo.mp4
  2. Add your digital product with this fake product file
  3. Open your ftp software and find out your extension Joomla administrator folder, the folder location will be /www/yourJoomlaSite.com/administrator/components/com_paypaldigitalgoods/pp_dg_upload/
  4. Upload and replace the face file with your real video file

Q3: How to change currency in PayPal Digital Goods Product Manager

I want to sell my product with Euro, but the default currency is USD. How can I change it to Euro.

Answer: You can change the currency in PayPal Digital Goods option page. You have to follow these steps to change the currency as Euro:


Q4: I cannot download my 400+m file after I made the successful purchase. Why?

After I install, configure and upload my product with the extension, I can successfully make payment but I cannot download my video file which is bigger than 400M.

Answer:: First, you can test a small file such as txt file to check if the extension works properly on your server. If you can purchase and download small file, then it means the extension doesn't have any problem. The next step is checking if your server has some limitation for downloading big file. I have some clients who meet the same problem.

Q5: Let customers pay without a PayPal account. How?

After I install, how can I let my customers pay without a PayPal account?

Answer:: First, PayPal Digital Goods extension supports pay by credit card or debit card directly, without a PayPal account. By default, it will show a login page to your customers. To let your customers complete their payments even they don't have PayPal account, please go to the extension option page and enable "Pay by Credit Card" option. Meanwhile, your PayPal account must be Premier or Business account. You can check with your local PayPal support about how to upgrade your PayPal account. (Actually you just need to link your credit card to your PayPal account to upgrade to Premier account). Then, you can double check if your "PayPal Account Optional" is turned on. Please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account on PayPal.com.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Under Selling Preferences, click Website Payment Preferences.
  4. Select "PayPal Account Optional".
  5. Click Save.