The Live Chat Support extension for Joomla enables you to provide better customer support services on your website. Compare with Email support, the live chat support can quickly help your customer solve the problem, immediately answer the questions of your visitors on your Joomla website. It is no doubt that you can satisfy your customers with Live Chat support, which may improve your customers happiness. The Live Chat Support service will help you create more happy customers which means it will bring more and more sales with the Live Chat support service.

This Live Chat Support can allow you and your agents to sever your customers concurrently. It means you can have a support team to server your customers with this extension. It makes this extension to be the best Live Chat Support extension for Joomla. The affordable price is another good feature for you. With only one purchase, you can have an unlimited live chat service on your website forever. Furthermore, this extension is designed to be fully responsive for both phone screen and computer screen. So you can support your customers at any place at any time.

This user guide will help you to setup the live chat support service on your Joomla website. You just need to follow the instructions step by step. In the end, you will build a great Live Chat Support service on your Joomla website.

Lightbox Pinterest Gallery is the first plugin which can help you generate a Pinterest style cascading grid layout gallery in your Joomla website in only one step. It is not like other plugin or extension, Lightbox Pinterest Gallery doesn't have complicated options. You can create a cascading grid layout gallery in your website with only one piece of code. If you want to create a Pinterest style gallery with 10 photos, you just copy and paste one piece of code into your article. If you want to build a gallery with 100 photos, you still copy and paste the same code. The Lightbox Pinterest Gallery help you get rid of the headache problem when you are using other plugin to generate the gallery. You don't need to upload and insert the image one by one any more. Just one piece of code will help you place all the photos in the right place in Pinterest style.

Furthermore, Lightbox Pinterest Gallery is fully responsive. No matter how wide your website is, this plugin will help you represent the gallery in the right size according to your screen size. It has a built-in Light box preview windows. So when your visitors click on the photos in your gallery, it will show a big size of the photo in a Lightbox preview window. This user guild will teach you how to generate the Pinterest style cascading grid layout gallery with only one piece of code.

Lightbox Slider Gallery Joomla plugin is a simple but powerful plugin to help you create a slideshow and gallery in your Joomla website. Different from other plugin or extension, Lightbox Slider Gallery plugin doesn't need complicated configuration. By copy and paste one piece of code, you can generate a slideshow or gallery in any articles in your website. If you are still building galleries or slideshows by uploading and adding photos one by one, I believe it must be a headache problem when you have dozens of photos. With Lightbox Slider Gallery plugin, there are only two steps to create a slideshow or gallery. First, you upload all photos in one folder. Second, copy and paste a piece of code in your article. Job is done.

Lightbox Slider Gallery is built with Light Box. All your photos in Lightbox Slider Gallery will be viewed in light box. By default, the Lightbox Slider Gallery is compatible with Joomla 2.5x and Joomla 3.x. This user guide will show you how to install the Lightbox Slider Gallery and how to create gallery or slideshow within 5 minutes.

Affiliate Links Click Tracker for Joomla is great plugin to protect your affiliate links and track your affiliate links clicking performance. It is designed to get rid of complex configuration. Therefore, you can easily hide your affiliate links from your competitors in your Joomla website. At the same time, your affiliate links still work for you to increase your fortune. With Affiliate Links Click Tracker extension, there is another advantage. This extension can help your make your affiliate link much shorter than ever. A short link looks more reliable. Hence, it will increase the click rate significantly. If you haven't tried it before, you can check it effect in the demo page. In this user guide, I will show you how to install Affiliate Links Click Tracker, configure it and how to generate affiliate links in your articles. Furthermore, I will show you how to hide your affiliate links and make the new link much shorter to increase the click rate.