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PayPal Express Checkout for Joomla

Joomla 2.5 Compatible Joomla 3.0 Compatible Joomla 4.0 Compatible
Make money with express checkout!

PayPal Express Checkout is designed for you to sell digital products directly on your Joomla website. It is designed for people who are using PayPal Personal account or Premier account. PayPal Express Checkout will handle the downloadable product delivery automatically once your customers make a successfully purchase. PayPal Express Checkout will take care of sales and help you manage the downloading process for your customers. Paypal Express Checkout Joomla component is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.x and later.

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PayPal Express Checkout for Joomla extension enables your Joomla website to sell PDF files, mp3, video, zip file, and any other downloadable files. All you need to do is uploading the files and put a button code in your sale page. Once your customers make the payment successfully, they will get the digital goods download link immediately. There is no delay for collecting money and product delivery. Therefore, your customers don't need to wait for delivery email any more. Everything is on your Joomla website.

Features Overview

Instant Product Download

After each sale, PayPal Express Checkout will show the download link to your customer immediately on the screen. You don't have to send email to your customers, and your customers don't need to wait for the produtcs delivery. Everything is on going while you sleep!

Manage Products

All products are managed by PayPal Express Checkout extension. You don't need to define any buy buttons on PayPal website. To add a product, just assign a product name, product price, choose the digital product you want to sell, and click save. Adding products is just in 1 mintue.

Manage Transactions

All transaction information from PayPal Express Checkout are stored and displayed inside your Joomla website. Transaction information will indicate how much products you have sold, how much is cut because of PayPal transaction fee. It makes your balance sheet clear. You can monitor transactions, calculate revenues and immediately spot problems.

How Does it work?

Inside the Joomla PayPal Express Checkout component, you can sell products as many as you want. Once you install the extension successfully, please make configuration in this component options page, setting your paypal name, and paypal account email. After you upload your digital products in PayPal Express Checkout extension, you can easily insert sell buttons into your articles, using our PayPal Express Checkout Button generator plugin.

Whenever a customer wants to buy a downloadable product on your website, he presses the "buy" button inside a article. He will be redirected to PayPal payment page. After a successful purchase, the digital products download link will be shown on your website to let your customers download what they purchase by clicking the link. In the meantime, a PayPal transaction will be logged by this extension.


1. Login to your PayPal account

Login to your PayPal account at and go to Profile->Selling tools->API access.

2. Request API Credentials

In the PayPal screen click on "Request API credentials" if you haven't done it before. (For users who already requested API credential, please click "View API Signature to get your API username, API password, and API signature.") In the coming screen, please select "Request API signature" in left side, then click "Agree and Submit" orange button below. In the next screen, you will get your API username, API password, and API signature. Copy them for component configuration later.

3. Configure PayPal Express Checkout Extension in Joomla

After successful installation in Joomla, plesae go to Components->PayPal Express Checkout. In the dashboard, click "Options" button on the top. In component options page, fill in your API Username, API Password and API Signature which you got in Step 2. Set testing mode if you want to test it with your PayPal Sandbox.

4. Add Products

After you created a products inside the Joomla PayPal Express Checkout component, you can put a buy button generator code inside your Joomla articles. Go to your article and place the following code in your article:

{paypalexpress itemid=524ad2d79b337}

524ad2d79b337 is the itemid which you can get from Product list in PayPal Express Checkout extension.


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How to buy

With our automated payment and delivery process, you could be downloading and installing your new component in under five minutes! We use PayPal as our payment processor. It is one of the most preferred payment methods on the internet. You are not obligated to sign up with PayPal, so you can also just make a onetime purchase using your favorite creditcard.