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Light Gallery for Joomla

Joomla 2.5 Compatible Joomla 3.0 Compatible
Build your photo website with Light Gallery!

Light Gallery is designed for you to build your own photo gallery website with Light Box. It is a responsive image gallery for Joomla with Lightbox effect. Put all photos in one folder, Light Gallery will create a gallery automatically. You don't have headache problems to insert the photo one by one. Light Gallery Joomla component is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.x and later.


Light Gallery is a simple plugin. There is no complex configuration like any other photo gallery Joomla plugins. It provides several ways for you to show your photos on your Joomal website. You can put specific photos in your gallery. Or you can simply upload all photos in one folder, Light Gallery plugin will generate the gallery automatically. You are also free to change gallery layout or set the gallery preview size. Light Gallery gives you all the control on your gallery.

Features Overview

Automatically Create a Photo Gallery

To create a photo gallery in your Joomla website, you just need to put a piece of code in your article, Light Gallery will automatically generate a photo gallery on your website. No manually layout, no manually select, no manually set preview size. Everything is automatic.

Lightbox Viewer

There is a built-in Lightbox photo viewer. Every photo in your gallery will be shown in a popup Lightbox. Your audience can view the photos one by one through the lightbox, without closing and opening again.

Customized Preview Size

If you want to make more customization on your gallery, you have the full control. You can layout your photos. You also have the option to set width and height on preview photos.

Support Cloud Photos

You can create gallery with photos on your own website or photos from other websites. For example, you can use photos from flickr, picasa, Amazon S3 Cloud and any other file hosting.

How Does it work?

To create a gallery in the article on your Joomla site, you need to copy and paste a piece of code into the article. Light Gallery will translate this code and generate the gallery in the article. In the code, you will set the location of the photos, the preview size of the gallery. If you have a special photo layout, you can insert several pieces of code to build your own layout.


1. Install Light Gallery Plugin On Joomla

Login to your Joomla administrator backend, go to Extension Manager->Choose File->Upload & Install.

2. Enable Light Gallery Plugin

Login to your Joomla administrator backend, go to Plug-in Manager->Search "Light Gallery"->Enable the plugin.

3. Set Website Root URL (Optional)

In normal case, you don't need to set your website URL. If your Joomla website is not hosted under your domain name directly, you have to set your website URL in Light Gallery plugin. For example, your Joomla website is hosted on, you have to set the website root url as

4. Copy And Paste Code in Article

To generate the gallery in the article, please copy and paste the following code into your article. The following code will create a gallery by using all photos under folder joomla_root_folder/images/my_images

{lightgallery type=local path=images/my_images}{/lightgallery}


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