We just launched a new service called JoomlaMovers. For a fixed fee we can move, fix or install your Joomla website from host A to B and save you the hassle.


It began as tweaking some components and modules. After that we took on a project which needed us to change the core and look of the entire system. This took a lot of time and we were cutting in the jungle of PHP code and ran loops for a few hours to find our path back. After a week we knew what we could expect of the framework of Joomla and were very please with the results.

We designed/ build a totally custom made system which used the base of Joomla. None of the existing components were compatible with their needs, so we were force to build the new components ourselves. It took us about 2 months to finish the project. Besides the new functionalities we also added new functions to the Joomla core in order to get the needed results.


It was time for a new challenge so we started to think how we could contribute to the Joomla community with new and innovative solutions. We looked at our own company and designed a few ideas of what we miss in our new Joomla World. In our first launch we are proud to present our new free functions.

Chat Function

The first thing we build was an online chat function. We wanted to make the internet communication distance smaller between an internet site and the visitor. The function makes it possible for a visitor to get a specific question answered without sending an email or calling, which just takes more time. The vendor does not need to be online in the administrator page of Joomla in order to reply to the visitor. Just by installing a simple chat client on your computer (available in upcoming release) and of course a working internet connection is all you need to close the communication gap. Visitors can stay anonymous and you can communicate more directly/ faster thus more efficient with your potential clients.

Header Function

Some of our customers wanted to change the banner of the page when visiting a different link. This function did not exist as a module and component for Joomla. So we started to create one for ourselves. We build a component on the backend for header creation and a module for the placement of the headers on the front-page. Now it's possible to create/ modify your own image (jpg,gif, png or bmp) or flash .swf on the specific page you would like to see!. The module uses the newest way of including flash files so there is no border around flash.

If you have any special needs or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or just use our chat function ;)