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Affiliate Links Click Tracker for Joomla

Hide and track affiliate links

Don't pay $99 for a bloated affiliate management system. We created a small and simple tracking system for all your weblinks.  Click Tracker essentially hides, tracks and generates all your (Affiliate) links inside your Joomla content. Fast, simple and easy to setup in under 5 minutes.

Price: $25

Features Overview

Feature 1
Create Links

Setup links and a short alias, so you can automatically generate links inside your Article contents.

Feature 1
Hide Links

Hide links and keep your affiliate links safe, so you can easily monetize your website and keep your competitor away.

Feature 1

Monitor link clicking and compare the last 12 months in a javascript generated bar chart.

How Does it work?

Inside the Click Tracker component you can create several affiliate links. Each affiliate link consists of a organisation name, description, url, unique id and alias. The alias is used to automaticly generate links inside your articles content. If for example you add a new link with a alias named webhosting and you write a article containing the word webhosting, this word is converted into a link pointing toward the Click Tracker component and redirecting to the url you specified.


1. Upload the component and plugin

Login to your backend and install the component and plugin just like any other Joomla component or plugin.

2.Publish the plugin

Goto the plugins section and publish the newly installed plugin.

3. Add the link

Go to the Click Tracker component and create a new link with unique id, assign an alias for each new link.

4. Write an Article

Write a new article and whenever you insert the alias a new link is automatically generated. You can track link activity by clicking on the just added links inside the Click Tracker component

How to buy

With our automated payment and delivery process, you could be downloading and installing your new component in under five minutes! We use PayPal as our payment processor. It is one of the most preferred payment methods on the internet. You are not obligated to sign up with PayPal, so you can also just make a onetime purchase using your favorite creditcard.